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기본 정보
원래 장소: 치안스, 중국
브랜드 이름: Yushun
인증: ISO 9001
모델 번호: 주문 제작됩니다
최소 주문 수량: 1개 세트
가격: Negotiated
포장 세부 사항: 벌거벗은 노말 패키지 또는 팩 그것이 고객들에 따르면 요구입니다
배달 시간: 30 일
지불 조건: L/C (신용장), 전신환
공급 능력: 협상됩니다
상세 정보
이름: 강생산 라인을 위한 연속 주조 기계 아크 반경: 6M
라운드 빌릿 부문: φ110mm、φ130mm、φ150mm、φ180mm 정방형 철판 부문: 150*150mm
전압: 생산에 따라서 제어 시스템: PLC
중량: 변하기 쉬운 보증: 1년이요
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CCM 연속 주조 기계


ISO CCM 연속 주조 기계


CCM 철강품 기계

제품 설명

Continuous Casting Machine for Steel Production Line
ISO CCM 연속 주조 기계 큰 생산력 0

The production process of casting high temperature molten steel into billet with certain section shape and certain size is called continuous casting steel.

The equipment needed to complete this process is called continuous casting equipment.The electromechanical and hydraulic integration of casting equipment, continuous casting machine body equipment, cutting area equipment, ingot rod collection and conveying equipment constitutes the core equipment of continuous casting steel, which is commonly called continuous casting machine.




1. Production capacity of casting machine: single production capacity of modern large slab continuous casting machine, generally in the range of 2 ~ 2.5 million t/a.The single production capacity of the billet caster can reach 80 ~ 1 million t/a.The single production capacity of billet multi-flow continuous caster is up to 600 ~ 800 thousand tons.

2. Casting machine operation rate: generally more than 80%, more advanced casting machine can reach 85 ~ 90%.

3. High speed casting: the casting speed of the slab caster is 1.2 ~ 1.8m/min.

4. Multi-furnace even pouring: the average number of general even pouring furnace is 4 ~ 6 furnace, there are more than 10 furnace.

5. The cross section size range of the casting billet actually produced by the casting machine, mm:

Slab 125×650 ~ 220×2720(strip steel, welded pipe billet), 350×1300

150×1000 ~ 320×1600(thick plate), 310×2500

Bloom 200×200 ~ 600×670(bar, profiles, wire)

φ230 ~ φ450, 560 octagon (tube) shaped billet, 480×420×720(rail beam)

Billet 80×80 ~ 145×145(wire rod)

100×100 ~ 240×240(bar, profiles)

φ115 ~ φ210(pipe, rod, material)

6. Widely used computer technology: the production process and production management of modern continuous casting machine are automatically completed by computer.


Supply scope
1. Ladle turret
2. Tundish car
3. Tundish
4. Crystallizer
5. Secondary cooling zone
6. Vibration table
7. Piping for water system
8. Pneumatic straightener
9. Hydraulic system
10. Dummy bar storing device
11. Tundish on-line baking device
12. Tail billet pinch roller
13. Transfer table
14. Flame cutting machine
15. Hydraulic shear
16. Billet delivery roller and cooling bed
17. Billet moving device
18. Tilting gear


ISO CCM 연속 주조 기계 큰 생산력 1

We can design and manufacture the up-to-date billet continuous casting machine in accordance with the user’s steel making capacity, billet size, steel grades and the user’s field conditions. This CCM can product rounds in size of Φ 80-320mm.
Tailor-made specification, factory area, foundation, and capacity, we follow your require-ments the line can be designed as curved and vertical- bend according to the Users requirements.

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ISO CCM 연속 주조 기계 큰 생산력 3
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ISO CCM 연속 주조 기계 큰 생산력 9
Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 150*100*170cm
Single gross weight: 100,000kg
Package Type: Safety Seaworthy Package
Lead Time:

Quantity (Tons) 1-100 >100
Est. Time(Days) 60 To be negotiated



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